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BASC 103 X 158
This client handbook details how to engage the best legal counsel and gives steps to improve the entire attorney/client relationship which increases the chance of a positive outcome in your legal matter.  Want details? Click here.

BASC PI 103 X 158
Workbook for Personal Injury includes checklists, forms and charts that cover all areas of your case.  Keep all details of your case organized in one place for easy access.  Want details?  Click here.

Be A Smart Client
Workbook for Estate Planning keeps your personal, asset and liability information in one place for ease of distributing your estate.  Want details?  Click here.

AWNH - 103 X 158
Categorizes 27 alternative health methods to easily understand which method should be used on which health issue.  Includes basic instructions.  Want details?  Click here.

Office Wizard - 160 X 160
Electronic version of software program to download instantly to creates a procedures/policy manual tailored to your business, no matter the size or industry. Want details?  Click here.

GASM 103 X 158
Essential resource for those interested in buying surplus property from government auctions.  Includes everything from locating property to payment and pickup.

Re-Energize Yourself - 103 X 158
This book offers over 40 techniques to replenish and rejuvenate your mind and body.  Each method was chosen for its ease of use, fast action and quick results.

Dental Heaven - 103 X 158
A personal accounting of having dental work performed in Mexico several times.  Insights include cost, sights, food. lodging and  what to expect.  

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