Government Auctions/Sales Manual

The best ways to get the best deals at government auctions is by using this invaluable manual.  Hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of property goes up for sale at auctions run by various GASM 103 X 158government agencies each year.  Best of all, most auctions don’t attract the kinds of specialized buyers who frequent antique auctions and make it harder for average people to get good deals.

The Government Auctions/Sales Manual (GASM) provides information about 16 agencies that conduct government auctions.  It includes important information every person interested in government auctions needs to know.

  • Bidders Checklist
  • Types of Sales
  • Letter of Credit
  • Comparison Shopping/Buyers
  • Specialized Auction Companies
  • Participating Agencies/Businesses
  • Types of Property for Sale
  • Agencies

Publications like Reader’s Digest, Independent Business, Bottom Line/Personal, Kiplinger Washington Newsletter, Income Opportunities all have endorsed GASM as “the expert” in government auctions.

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