Dental Heaven

Medical tourism is on the rise.  I found myself in that situation a few years ago.  It was time for a visit to the dentist.  I knew I would need some work done and had dental insurance to help defray Dental Heaven - 103 X 158the costs.  Even with that cushion, the total was $945 for fillings, cleaning and a night guard. After their fourth attempt to fit the night guard, I told them I would look elsewhere. I also told them that one of my teeth still needed a filling because I could feel sensation in it when I drank something cold. They informed me I would have to pay an additional $130 for the filling.

We all reach a breaking point. That was mine.   A friend who is a world traveler told me he always had his dental work done in Mexico. It was time to explore other options. Finding a dentist who was qualified and capable, gave personal service and charged reasonable prices was becoming as scarce as hen’s teeth.

Dental Heaven is written from personal experience.  It covers everything a person needs to know when planning a medical trip.

  • Introduction
  • Pricing
  • Preparation for the Trip
  • The Trip
  • The Appointment
  • Los Algodones
  • Recommendations
  • Leaving Mexico
  • Total Cost
  • Conclusion

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