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Ellen L. Hughes

Ellen L. Hughes

When The McKee Company launched in 1994, the goal was to make life easier for people. We create products that help build confidence in specific areas and life events. Whether in the form of a book, software or other type of medium, the focus is always to give you the means to find what you need, easily and quickly and logically. The first project was to organize government auctions. We researched government agencies that sold surplus property and organized the information, creating the Government Auctions/Sales Manual. Reader’s Digest, Kiplinger, Bottom Line/Personal, Worth and several other national and trade magazines endorsed it.


Office Wizard – Comprehensive Business Procedures and Policy ManualOW CD

The second undertaking was to create a tool to help business owners easily organize their businesses so they could turn their attention to growing their companies. We developed an easy-to-use software template which can be personalized to any size of company, any type of industry. The Office Wizard was reviewed in the Denver Business Journal and Rocky Mountain News. It is available here.

Adventures with Natural Healing cover - 7-30Heal Yourself Naturally

Next on the agenda was a way to simplify the overwhelming methods of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM). It was decided to categorize them by the associated illness. The result was Adventures With Natural Healing which became a bestseller on Amazon.com. It is a manual that gives history, uses, basic instruction, tools, licensing and personal experience for 27 CAM methods. A full index makes it easy to find health issues and which methods to use on each one. For simple techniques you can use on yourself, by yourself, get your copy here.

Winning When Dealing With AttorneysBASC Cover - Small

The latest book, Be A Smart Client, addresses how to work with lawyers. Most people do not have an opportunity to deal with attorneys until a life-changing event happens. This book helps them navigate through this unfamiliar territory, offering tips and techniques and teaches them what to expect and request from their attorney. Order it here.

Other Available Products

The McKee Company offers several other publications. Dental Heaven gives people an alternative to high-priced American dental work. Home Office Handbook takes you step-by-step in setting up an home office. Check out the many books offered by The McKee Company. They are all designed to help people seeking specific answers. For a complete list of offering, click here.

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