Clear, Concise & Comprehensive DIY Manuals
Instructions to simplify a complicated world

Front Cover - Be A Smart Client
Chances are you will need a lawyer but most people are intimidated by them.  This cov
ers everything you need to deal effectively with an attorney. Companion workbooks available. Buy here.   Details here.
Adventures with Natural Healing cover-full size
The number of available alternative health practices can be overwhelming.  Adventures gives instructions, when to use and what to use it on for each of the 27 listed methods. Buy here. Details here.  
OfficeWizard CD


Business owners need a procedures/policy manual to run their business but do not have time to create one. Office Wizard creates it in hours instead of days. Buy here. Details here.  



Several government agencies sell property but each one has their own protocol, making it difficult to find information. This contains comprehensive details for finding and buying bargains. Buy here. Details here. 

Re-Energize Yourself - smaller

Many people suffer from lack of energy.  This book has over 40 different techniques and interviews with people on their energy levels, what robs them and how they recharge themselves. Details hereBuy here.

Dental Heaven Cover

Soaring  dental costs are sending Americans to check out “medical tourism”.  Dental Heaven offers details from personal experience receiving dental work in a foreign country. Buy here. Details here.

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